Bri – Solo Portrait

Last Sunday my sister Bri and I decided to go down to the park by my house to test the lighting and background. We didn’t have much time to shoot because it was kind of a split second decision, so we only got a few shots, but we are IN LOVE with the location! There was a perfect variety of spots and we didn’t even get to all of them. Plus it was a bit snowy and that just added to the gorgeousness. Check them out:


Gotta have the typical fall leaf photo in there somewhere. 😉


I edited a selective color version of this as well, just because I am slightly obsessed with selective color.. Plus, I don’t do SC often, so this is especially one of my favorites.


This light!!!


Bri insisted on getting one of these shots. She’s so sassy. 😉


I don’t have enough photos of her smiling. But I mean come on. Can you ever get enough?


Bri, channeling her inner model. She’s so graceful. :’)


I would love to hear what you guys think! Let me know in the comments.


Bri’s contact info for business inquiries:

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