Ever since I moved to Provo, Utah from my hometown in Reno, Nevada, I have been looking for the perfect location to replicate one of my favorite photography sites from my hometown. I saw this spot while riding on the train I take to attend school in Salt Lake City, and I immediately took a picture. I knew right away this was what I had been searching for. Here’s the picture I snapped quickly while riding by.



Is this your dream photo session location or what?!

Oh. No?

Here. I’ll give you another example.




If you haven’t already figured it out, this photo was taken at the exact same location as that first crappy little iPhone picture! Good stuff, huh?



Anyway, I took the geotag my iPhone collected from taking the photo (kinda cool, kinda creepy) and hunted this location down as quickly as I could. I wanted to test it out as soon as possible. I had waited long enough! These pictures are what I was able to create from it.



I also learned an amazing photo tip from this experience: If you have a location you’d like to try out that doesn’t have an actual address and requires some exploration (like this one) always take a photo with your location on so you can come back to it for reference. It’s definitely always worth a try!

I try to be open minded while choosing a location for a photo session/photo shoot. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, and it’s all around us if we just give it a try.


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